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Jacqui James is an Online Business Manager known to her clients as the Small Business Solutions Architect who has been mentoring and coaching Virtual Assistants since 2015.

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Even as a high-level Executive Assistant working in the fashion industry, I was helping other EAs who wanted to be better at their job.

In 2015 I created The Virtual Assistant Project. It was my way of sharing with other VAs how I created a business that changed my lifestyle.

Now in 2023, the story hasn’t changed; it will always be as it is. What I did and how I did it going from $500 per month to over six figures a year.

I’m excited to share that our most recent Virtual Assistant has now gone out on her own with her first client and invoicing up to 9k per month. The Virtual Assistant Project works for those who are willing to learn and not afraid of failure.

Are you the right fit for The Virtual Assistant Project?

  • You are thinking about leaving your corporate role

  • You have been in business less than 2 years

  • You are not seeing any growth

  • Every day is a struggle to get ahead

  • No one is beating down your door

  • You’ve been in business more than 2 years

  • You earn more than 5k per month

  • You don’t want to work hard to get what you want

  • You’re distracted by shinny objects

  • All you want is the money

Working from home and creating a business that will change your lifestyle is hard work. It takes balls!! So before you fill in the form below, ask yourself this question.

What will it take to change your lifestyle?

You have to want something bad enough to make the change. Your reason why needs to be something other than a designer handbag. Your commitment to yourself and your family needs to be paramount. If it is, FILL IN THE FORM. We would love to have you as part of The Virtual Assistant Project.

What you need…

  • Computer, mobile phone and internet

  • Willingness to learn and do better

  • Tenacity

  • Moral compass

  • Integrity

  • A great reason WHY!

  • Flexibility

  • Servants heart

  • Skillset

  • Desire to succeed

  • Email address

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  • Over 65,000 hours of knowledge

  • 12 years as a successful business owner

  • 8 years mentoring virtual assistants

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We reserve the right to remove anyone from the program who does not meet the selection criteria of:

Start up, struggling or considering starting a virtual assistant business.

All requests for free access to The Virtual Assistant Program will be reviewed using the website and or social media details you share to ensure you meet the selection criteria for this program.

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What happens if I do nothing?

Nothing happens if you do nothing!

  • You won’t grow your income
  • You won’t grow your self-worth
  • You won’t build a business that can change your lifestyle
  • You won’t achieve the goals you have for yourself or your family
  • You will continue to feel frustrated with your situation
  • What if is a negative state of mind
  • You won’t provide for yourself or your family like you want
  • You’ll miss out on amazing experiences and challenges
  • You won’t do anything
  • Nothing will change! You’ll continue on the same path you are on now.

The woman behind the business – Jacqui James

After starting her own business in 2011, Jacqui created The Virtual Assistant Project in 2015 to help other Virtual Assistants build a business that could change their lifestyles. She did!

Since the age of 17, she knew she wanted to do office work. So Jacqui went back to school and studied typing and comprehension. She could not only type fast, but she could write the content. Ever since then, everything Jacqui has done has led her to this point in her life.

When she started JMJ, Jacqui had left a high-paying corporate EA role working with Australia’s most iconic retailer Myer Pty Ltd. The director she supported wrote about her in his book DRIVEN, Whatever It Takes, the significant role she played in his walking away from his career with Myer, a multi-millionnaire. Something he would not have achieved if she hadn’t intervened on that fateful life-changing day; he also mentions that in the book.

When she left Myer, Jacqui received what was due to her, long service leave pro rata and any other entitlements. Jacqui walked into her business with one client and invoicing for $500 a month; since then, in the past few years, JMJ has been turning over 6 figures a year. These figures are attributed to working with Clients only.

Jacqui and her husband, now live in the town of Hopetoun, in the Mallee region of Victoria, after living in Melbourne for many years. They don’t have credit cards, any loans, or a mortgage. They own everything. They live a total debt-free lifestyle, and JMJ – EA for a Day allows them to do that and plan for the future. You can find lots of their lifestyle on Jacqui’s Instagram profile.

Jacqui’s goal when she started the business, was to own a house on some land where she could grow some vegetables and have a few fruit trees and indulge her passion for preserving.

Jacqui has always been a game changer, a risk taker, and she has been generous in sharing her learnings with others over the years, and now she is sharing them with you.

The secret sauce on how to create a Virtual Assistant business that will change your lifestyle!

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  4. You can work through the project at your own pace in your own time.
  5. Every few weeks, you’ll receive an email from Jacqui with some amazing new info to share with you that will help you.
  6. Use the information in The Virtual Assistant Project as a guide to help you build an amazing business.
  7. You can print out PDFs for your own use, but you cannot give them away to anyone else.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the program who does not meet the selection criteria of:

Start up, struggling or considering starting a virtual assistant business.

All requests for free access to The Virtual Assistant Program will be reviewed using the website and or social media details you share to ensure you meet the selection criteria for this program.


The Virtual Assistant is all about caring and nurturing you to create a Virtual Assistant business that can change your lifestyle. However, we are not responsible for the outcome; you are. When venturing into business, you should always seek legal and financial advice, which The Virtual Assistant Project does not provide.

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