Ever thought about exactly, WHY you need to be emailing your clients? And in particular, WHY you need to be collecting their email addresses for your communications?

 Here’s Why

The benefits of using email as a marketing tool have long been understood by marketers around the globe, and here are some great reasons to build a client email database for your newsletters and promotions.

It’s A More Personal Form of communication. Clients prefer email because of the personal type of communications traditionally contained within. This makes your communications a little more special than just typical forms of advertisement.

The Reach of email is truly global and the fact that email is a tried and tested method of communication and has survived the digital landscape for decades means that the service is still critical to business communication.

Email Isn’t Going To Go Away anytime soon. Having survived many decades in the digital landscape where you see websites, services and forms of communication come and go there’s always email going strong. As a basic system of communication, the email platform has matured enough to be considering a critical part of the business communication solution.

Email Has The Highest Conversion Rate of any of the other media forms commonly used marketing channels today. At something around 3% (This doesn’t sound like much but it’s pretty good!)

One major reason you need to be collecting these email addresses is that you have an easy opportunity to extend the advertisement of your services from your web-site into potential client’s email inboxes.

Once your visitor has left your website they might not return for a long time, so give them the opportunity to sign up to your newsletter and this way you can still offer your services to them without them having to visit your website repeatedly.

The other benefit in this is you can advertise new and exciting news and products to your clients without them having to visit your web page once a week to see what’s new!

Cross Promotion Is Critical

Make sure that you include links to your email newsletter sign up in your other forms of media. While you can get some signup activity from your website you should look into adding your email signup to every form of communication you use online such as your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Include a link to your newsletter sign up at the bottom of all of your emails because to give as many people as possible the opportunity to subscribe to your email list.

Remember the more subscribed email addresses you’re able to collect the more clients or sales you could generate! Because a subscribed audience is a captured audience.

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