You shouldn’t accept every client. It took me a while to realise that. There is nothing worse than accepting a client knowing that you’re not the right fit for their business. The thought of getting more money is the sole driver for doing this. In a way, you’re selling your soul. At least that’s what I found. What I should have been asking myself was “Do I think I’m the right fit for my business? I didn’t always listen to my gut feeling.

What the client is really looking for

This is one of those double-edged sword kinds of questions. What the client wants to know is, “What makes you think you’re special enough to work with them?” That pretty much sums it up, and knowing who you are, will help you answer this question. I have worked with some of the most difficult personalities (and some of the most wonderful) over the years. However, each personality type has significantly contributed to who I am and my business knowledge today.

The question “Do you think you are the right fit for my business?” is the client’s way of finding out if you are a fit for them, personally. Their business rotates around IP that is built on who they are, and what they know. They are asking you if you think as they do.

What the client wants to know

  • Will your personalities clash?
  • Can you handle their micromanaging?
  • Are you able to read a crystal ball?
  • Can you pull together all the snippets of information they may or may not give you to make an informed decision or take action?
  • Which personality type are you?

The good news for you is there are 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and they all have very specific traits.

My personality type is the Protagonist Type ENFJ. According to 16Personalities, I’m charismatic, an inspiring leader and I’m able to mesmerise my listeners. I talk the talk and walk the walk, and I’m most at home taking charge. Now, that sounds exactly like me. You can find out your personality type by visiting 16Personalities and undertaking the free test. I have to admit it, I agree with the test.

It’s safe to say that personalities will clash, so by answering this question, and by doing your research on your potential client and their business, you will have a very good idea of whether or not their personality is compatible with you. The home page of the 16Personalities website gives you a rundown on the other types of personalities so make sure you check them out. I found them all very interesting.

Possible answer scenario

Here are some ways you can find out about their personality.

  • Research them on Google
  • Linkedin
  • Business website
  • Online articles
  • The tone of their blog posts.
  • Do you share any connections, are they a referral, ask!

You could structure your answer like this. “Because I believe your strengths are XXX, my strengths of XXX and as a result, we will work dynamically together and build a strong and trusting alliance.”
How you word your response is totally up to you, my suggestion is just to give you an idea.

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